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DHService Administration System (DAS)

Initial install planned for year-end 2016, DAS is a Secure, Web-Based Software System that incorporates Microsoft Web-Development technology.  It's user-friendly interface operates in Intranet, Extranet, LAN network, and standalone PC environments.  Whether a one-person office or a large multi-location operation, the package supports the comprehensive daily operations for

Residential Services Providers for Developmentally Disabled Clients
Vocational Training for Developmentally Disabled Clients

If you are providing one or all of the above functions, DAS supports your organization. 
Key Benefits and Features
Secure, Web-Based Access
Security.  Restrict staff, at your discretion, to system level features
Automated Task Scheduling
Staff Identification and Client Assignment
Client Identification
Client Medication Identification (Dispense Scheduling, Refills Tracking)
Client Medical Orders
Client Daily Data Collection :
  - Scheduled Daily Task Outcomes
  - Daily Log (multiple shifts)
  - Nutrition Log (All meals including calorie tracking)
  - Sleep Log (Hourly monitoring)
  - Fluids Intake (Qty and Time of each Fluid Intake)
  - Bowel Movements
  - Incident Reporting
  - Activity Logging and Planning
  - Prescription Medication Schedule Tracking
  - Non-Prescription Medication Tracking
DONATION ADMINISTRATION (Funds / Campaigns / Memory-Honor Of Tracking / Thank You Letters)
  - Monthly Client Scheduled Task Outcome Results
  - Client Prescription Drug Dispensation
  - Client Non-Prescription Drug Dispensation
  - Extensive Reporting that can be exported to EXCEL or Word for custom formatting ...
Link Images to Clients
6-months of free support with extended maintenance contracts available
No additional license pricing for additional seats ... unlimited access for staff
Automatic Version Upgrades
Can estimate cost of converting historical data
Support provided remotely, via the internet, allowing agencies to operate with a virtual staff of programmers when needed
Requires Windows 20xx Server and Microsoft OS on desktop/mobile on the clients

For our DAS customers, we also provide assistance with:

procurement of open-source, donated, discounted, and free software products
establishment of internet connectivity
It is highly likely that DONATION ADMINISTRATION already requires monthly ongoing expense at your organization and be advised this function is INCLUDED with this solution and is already quite extensive and as with the entire solution, subject to expansion should added functionality be identified. If your organization is currently spending on software for DONATION ADMINISTRATION, it is included in DAS

Contact us

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Telephone: 918-877-4241
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E-mail: msburns@bdci.net

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