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BDCI expands familyBuilder package

August 4, 2003 -- BDCI has significantly expanded the familyBuilder package to facilitate the daily operations of International and Domestic Adoption Agencies, including Transitional and Custodial Care operations.   DILLON International has been fully operational with familyBuilder which executes on their own in-house server, since August 15, 2002.   THE GLADNEY CENTER entered into a license agreement in March 2003, requiring significant extensions to familyBuilder which should be fully operational at TGC by September 01, 2003..   The websites are maintained by BDCI remotely requiring zero manpower at DILLON or GLADNEY dedicated to daily support.   These agencies still maintain their own financial accounting software separately.

BDCI is now in discussions with a number of additional adoption agencies in an effort to add up to a total of 10 client sites for a new-release of this expanded product.   If you are interested in being a member of the new-release group please contact the address found below.   Discount pricing will apply to this new-release group and BDCI will assist with your efforts in Grant Writing to foundations in your geographic region to help pay for this package.   Additionally, BDCI will assist with your acquisition thru special programs at MicroSoft and MySQL, making the purchase of familyBuilder as painless as possible.   Your first 12 months of familyBuilder support are FREE and ongoing support thereafter, not required, is reasonable and budgetable.

familyBuilder now includes features that will permit most private or public providers of adoption, pregnancy, custodial care, drop-in care, donation tracking and church organizations (individual or groups) to operate more effeciently in a Secure, Friendly environment.   A comprehensive Financial control feature allows the detail line item tracking with Invoicing / Receipts / Refunds / Credit Memos for all system functions.    The Invoice and Statements can be produced in MS WORD according to your schedules, individually or in bulk.    You can link Donation Funds with specific Adoption Program Credits.   You can follow an individuals history with your operations and see every instance of  Transitional Care / Pregnancy or other assistance your agency has provided.   You can quickly find Transitional Care Families or Organizations utilized by your Agency and see who has ever been in their care and who is currently in their care.   You can also determine, based on State / International Country RULES that you maintain, which POST-ADOPTION required tasks need to be attended to THIS WEEK, PRIOR TO TODAY, or NEXT MONTH and then plan accordingly.    If you have people IN CARE you can identify exactly which physical facility that they are in residence and follow their medical / other reports developed while in your care and maintain a list of all FEES associated with that care that may then be BILLED back to the legal entity (Family or State) that is responsible for that individual.

This tool operates on a standalone PC, a local area network at a single location, or internationally from your own server (Intra-Net) with no changes required.   If you are just starting out or have a multi-location presence then familyBuilder will operate effectively for you.   The information may physically be remote to you but can be exported to your PC automatically to MS WORD or MS EXCEL thru simple links.     You can maintain picture files of Families and with auto-links to YAHOO MAPS your staff can produce directions quickly to assist with finding locations they need to visit.

BDCI will set you up "over the phone" to operate within our demo website at your request after receiving a signed confidentiality agreement.   There is NO COST to you to get hands-on experience with familyBuilder.

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