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January 2000 -- BDCI has released the co-developed LABSTORE product, on-time and on-budget.  This unique business application replaces an antiquated software package that supported the daily operations of a drug testing lab.   The system that was replaced was no longer maintainable and incapable of operation after January 1, 2000.

Prior to development, BDCI searched the market place for an existing software package that could be acquired to replace the old system and found NO such package existed.   Other than LABSTORE that is still the case.  This product manages all the day-to-day operations and additionally provides Invoice Aging, Payments processing and extensive financial reporting.  The package can work in a single work station environment and multi-user network operations.  LABSTORE supports RANDOM selection of personnel for testing and ONLINE HELP.

All labs that have signed-on prior to the July 1, 2001 release will be considered beta partners and will receive 50% off the standard license fee and 40% off future warranty annual fees.  The initial 12-month warranty is included with the product.


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