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BDCI seeks Co-Development Partners

May 2000 -- BDCI has obtained over the years a staff of professionals that possess strong development skills in multi-tier, relational database environments.   These dedicated individuals have skills in many areas, some of which include (Microsoft development tools Visual Basic, Windows (95/98/NT/2000), Access, SQL Server 2000, Oracle Tools, UNIX, PowerBuilder, HTML, Web Reporting, MS Project, Data Warehousing).   These same folks are acquiring added skills continuously such as (Active Server Pages, Visual InterDev, Java, Javascript, VBScript, DHTML, XML, IIS).

Although we place professionals in permanent-placement positions for a fee, we also work with a core group of individuals that remain BDCI Consultants for years and prefer the environment that we at BDCI rely on for day-to-day operations which involves placing contract professionals at client sites for lengthy contracts and to engage these same professionals in custom software development efforts with BDCI clients.

Our first joint-development effort involved the replacement of a rudimentary software application that was developed in-house at a drug testing lab.  This system handled the needs of this operation for years but became antiquated and less functional over time and needed replacement.  We at BDCI worked with this lab for a year to determine exactly what they needed and agreed to completely replace and extend their business application for a cost that was well below what it would have cost them to redevelop as long as BDCI retained the marketing rights to the end product.  The end result is our recently released product, LABSTORE.  This product operates in a Windows environment in both a single work station and multi-user environment.  The client will be glad to discuss our references with them on this effort.  LABSTORE exceeded their expectations and is now operating in multiple labs.

We have the resources to devote to your projects under the same approach.  We will discount the cost of developing what you need, exceeding expectations, as long as BDCI retains the marketing rights to the end product.  In this way BDCI has a stake in the success of your project and the end result is guaranteed to please you because it has to please BDCI.

Contact BDCI to discuss your needs.  The effort can range from a stand-alone application to an enterprise-wide effort.


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